1. betagame

    Post Drafting

    Post drafting is a tool used mostly in email programs to save a version of the email before it gets sent, sometimes even automatically. This is used if the browser or computer crashes, or even when accidentally hitting the back button and erasing the text in your email. I have seen users...
  2. betagame

    Polls Section Seperate From The Forum??

    There are other sites that have a section of the site completely devoted to polls. I think this would be a phenomenal idea, because this would be less threads and straightforward permanent polls that never close due to inactivity. Have the polls section have a random button, new poll column, top...
  3. betagame

    Bring the flashchat bar back!

    Because nobody uses it then! because we dont know whosa on!!
  4. betagame

    Play Sub-forum in diaper talk??

    the play forum is for people who RP or masturbate, aerobic evercises, and the shower thang, laugh and pee, put a hose in the back[not in your ass, mind you!] of the diaper for instant wetting,
  5. betagame

    more forums?

    we should have more subforums on off topic. for eXaMpLe: Hobbies media parental/lifestyle can you think of any more