1. KrankyPants

    ADISC has been EMPTY

    Is it just me, or has ADISC been lacking of members posting lately? I presume it is because of the Holiday rush. Is this an annual thing? I started posting here more last year and I just noticed this. :think:
  2. tiny

    ADISC down last weekend?

    Was it just me or was ADISC down for a few days last weekend...? I'm surprised no one has mentioned it, making me wonder if it was just me having problems...?
  3. Pika123

    Is it the same or is it different? And another question

    A random question, but is it the same feeling pooping your pants compared with messing a diaper? I had problems with this at school on a regular basis (not making it to the loo) and can’t remember much about it. I did wear diapers until about year 3 and then stopped, but still messed till about...
  4. Angellothefox

    Question about the Friend request?

    Question about the Friend request? If someone sends me a friend request how do I accept? Do I click on the tick box and press save changes?
  5. tiny

    Why can't embedded YouTube videos be maximised?

    Sorry for cross-posting, but I posted this thread in the "Administrative Stuff" section and it hasn't had any replies (is that forum visible to everyone?). Anyway, I notice that you can't maximise embedded...
  6. B


    Hi! I had previously posted, rather excitedly and now am seeing the gaps left in the wake of my haste. I am indeed an Adult Baby and Diaper Lover. However, as I was informed, I should open up about my personal interests and hobbies(thanks for the feedback) as well. First off, I've been a...
  7. Snaps

    Growing Up & Online Friendships.

    Hello ADISC. My goodness it's been a while. My last post was 21-Dec-2014. A lot of you won't have ever seen me before, and would have never heard of me. I was pretty active on this site as a teenager, when I was full of hormones, and working out who I was a person. Truth be told, I'm still...
  8. Angellothefox

    How to find your posts/replies and comments on ADISC

    This is for anyone and everyone and everything that do not want adisc emailing them and telling them they have a new reply. If you have clicked you would like to resive notifications when people have posted well done. You do not need to read this tutorial:thumbsup: This is for the adisc users...
  9. Fullmetallittle

    Team Speak

    Hey has anyone tried the new team speak thing, apparently you need a password for it. Does anyone has it. Or where can I go to find it ?
  10. M

    Suggestion ADSIC-First Impression (site alteration idea)

    First of all, I am very much aware that we don't have someone available for coding as of yet. I would simply like to get some 'air-time' and feedback on this idea, that I just hatched out, in the following thread. From...
  11. BabyRay

    My Introduction

    Hello! people from adisc. I'm Mexican, I have good notes at school, and like playing video games, including Zelda. I love anime like: Dragon Ball, Naruto and Pokemon. I'm here because I want to wear diapers, and in te night i always sleep with my paci. Actually, I'm sucking on it right...
  12. Yawnie

    Mibbit on the Wii?

    Hey guys. So I recently got a new Wii in the last few days, and had to send in my BRAND NEW laptop to be repaird (hard drive fail, seems I got a lemon of a hard drive). So I was wondering, until my laptop comes back, if it was possible to use Mibbit on the Wii. I hear it can be done. I can...
  13. Wheatley

    ADISC + Minecraft?

    Do we have a Minecraft server here? I'd love to join up.
  14. C

    Hewo All!

    Hewo I'm Alex, I live in Huntingdon, England but I'm American. I am a teen baby and want to make friends with other teen babies. Thank you XXXX hugs :biggrin:
  15. A

    ADISC Donations. Amount too low.

    Okay, I saw the donation banner across the top of the page, and decided, why not? So I go ahead and click the link. I get a page that has a drop down box, which the default number in it is $5. I keep it at the default and hit continue. The only thing is, it says the donation minimum is $10. If...
  16. D

    Google tracks topics from ADISC

    I've recently applied to have an alert notify me of any postings on the topic: Adult Baby. Since I have, I've noticed several times linking me back to ADISC. Was wondering what people thought of the exposure ADISC has to the general public if this occurs often. Obviously I am asking them to...
  17. Kid

    ADISC is Enhancing my Experience

    The last two (2) days I started sleeping with a pacifier at night and even have it in my mouth while wearing a maximum protection diaper under my clothes for the day and of course type this thread. I never thought of using one before becoming involved in expressing my experiences here on this...
  18. Pramrider

    Newsletter Kudos

    Was just looking over the December ADISC Newsletter a few moments ago. I can tell a lot of hard work was put into it to make it interesting, and not just a page of dry information. I think the whole ADISC staff involved with putting it together deserves a BIG round of applause!:claps: Excellent...
  19. betagame

    Whats wrOng with Tags?????

    I need to know.
  20. betagame

    Possible sticky for Diaper Talk

    Diaper Reviews: because I see people make diaper reviews, but they never make it into the wiki. So I think it would be a great place for people to post diaper reviews, and include a complete detailed how to on writing one, so we can start seeing people contribute more to the wiki.