1. nightfox320

    Girlfriend Backlash!

    So I posted earlier this year or possibly near the end of last year concerning me coming out as and AB/DL to my girlfriend. She took it well but never mentioned or wanted to talk about it after that afternoon. So for the last couple of months I assumed she was cool with it. So last week, seeing...
  2. WearingClouds

    I have a spending problem, diaper addiction

    I've heard a lot of talk about ABU shutting down so I impulse bought a case (80) of Super Dry Kids just in case! They are by far one of my favorite play diapers and I would be so sad to see ABU close without me getting a decent stock first. I'll try to get another case in a month if they are...
  3. RearTykeUniverse

    Diaper addiction?

    Okay, recently I've been having my common tests in school. I'm a DL and one my binges just started. Until yesterday I couldn't get any thing into my mind, except for diapers, diapers, diapers! It totally distracted me from anything else, including my tests that I was studying for. So yesterday...