1. C

    Diaper activities?

    What do you like doing while you're in a diaper? It can be something you only do while in a diaper or something you find more fun in a diaper. Just wanted to get some ideas of things to do to enjoy this part of my life further!
  2. Cthulhu

    Help me through my first ever diaper experience

    My dad is going away for a week so i'll have the house to myself, which basically never happens. I just found a site where i can order diapers discretely and with fast shipping, so i plan on ordering some for when i'm home alone:) This would be my first time wearing a diaper since i was about...
  3. AngelKitten

    Poll: What do you like to do while wearing your diaper?

    I am just curious: what sort of activities do you like to do while wearing your diaper, either at home, or out and about in public?
  4. MatalicPebble

    Best activities while padded

    There is a similar thread but dates back to 2011. Forgive me but I think if I am new there may be many new people as well. Hints what other opinions might there be? I heard video games being one of them. I thought about cleaning my apartment or sewing and being padded up best I can to go 12...