1. GreenieTheFilly

    IBS sucks :(

    Man, normally I refrain from posting in this sub-forum because I'm fine 99% of the time. But I just wanted to gripe about IBS, and how much I hate it. Soooo <vent> Normally I'm constipation dominant IBS, but occasionally, for no discernible reason, my body will decide to flip the switch and...
  2. Scamander14

    Regression Hypnosis Video Takes a Turn for the Terribly Worse

    So...I basically hit and miss on a regression video that I chose to listen to and help me sleep last night. Ugh...I am an AB but I think my problematic disaster more fits into this. It was never my intention of wetting my bed. I do not like it; at all. But, lo and behold, that’s exactly what...
  3. A

    Have you ever had a 'thanks-god-I-was-diapered-moment'?

    The title speaks for itself. Have you ever had a moment like that? -Personally, I have. While I was sick with pneumonia, I was taking antibiotics, Which made my stomach upset. I did end up having small scaled accidents... Number two though. But I was very happy I was wearing a diaper.
  4. R

    Do you like to wet your pants?

    I must say, that even though a diaper feels amazing! And given the fact that I'd go 24/7 if I could... I still kind of like to just take some underwear that I don't really care about, just sit on a towel in my chair- or in the shower, and just pee. I don't know, but do anyone else enjoy this...
  5. lonnie

    When was the first time you got caught wearing a diaper?

    So to start this out, the first time I was caught wearing a diaper was when I was still a child, beyond potty training years, I belive it was back during the summer of 1973 when I was 7 going on 8. I was still stuffing baby diapers in my underwear, we lived on a farm, and we where out in the...
  6. Poofybutt

    Thank Goodness I Was Diapered

    I had some down time to diaper up, baby out and regress for the first time in a while and immediately after waking up I had a 'Thank Goodness I was Diapered' moment. So, I woke up abruptly this morning with a very upset stomach, don't know why, usually only spicy foods will twist my stomach in...
  7. Pokogirl

    Can't stop buying baby diapers

    So.... I finally decided that I would stop wearing baby diapers and get myself some proper adult diapers. I have been wearing baby diapers for a while now. I mainly wear XXL size Mamy Poko Pants. I have a small body and this diaper in particular fits me quite well. It's comfortable, discreet and...
  8. Pokogirl

    Double pullups for Bedwetting Protection

    So, I've been wearing mamy poko pants size xxl to bed regularly. It's a baby diaper but I can fit in them perfectly & well. It's really comfortable to be in too. I have wet them a couple of time as well. The first time I didn't have any problem as I didn't pee too much. But the 2nd time I...
  9. Pokogirl

    My 2nd Bedwetting Attempt

    My first bedwetting attempt with a diaper was not great. The bad smell of pee haunted me for weeks and led me towards taking a long break from diapers. You can read it here --> I cannot deny I enjoyed...
  10. Pokogirl

    Bought Baby Diapers For The First Time

    So...I finally mustered up my courage to go and bought some XL size baby diapers.They were cheap local brand diapers (about 2 dollar for 4 diapers).I bought these temporarily to see if they can really fit me. And they do! I mean apart from the side tapes.Although they reach the end,they snap :/...
  11. D

    My first ever Accident

    Last night i had my first ever accident :( but fortunanly i was saved by my CLOTH diaper, sadly this is a diaper i only use for comfort and thickness over my plastic plants.... it was during the night, and i woke up with a wet diaper, it took a while to realize i only had my cloth diaper on...
  12. W

    Real, genuine unexpected messing accident

    I had a rare moment yesterday. A real messy accident. Thankfully I wasn't in public, but I definitely wasn't trying to mess though. I was wearing just a pair of Depends briefs, the blue pull up ones. I know that they're not great, but when I'm having some little playtime, I like to pretend...
  13. Mikeyinundie

    Real accident today

    I decided to take a long drive today and diapered up in a Tena overnighter. I normally don't diaper up when out but due to some recent medical issues, it's been required if I don't know where the closest facilities are. Well my drive took me about 60 miles from home. I had eaten some Chinese...
  14. jaxzter

    Forced to wear by interruption?

    Hello, I had an experience today where I was kind of forced to wear because I had no time to change when I was interrupted by a family member in my house. Basically what happened was I was going to check the mail (its pretty far down my driveway) and as I was going back my Grandfather told me...
  15. LordFluffybuttz

    Having an Accident?

    Do you sometimes have wetting accidents or less controll while wearing a diaper even thou your not incontinent? I've wet myself by accident a few times.:sweatdrop: Have you even accidentally wet the bed even thou you normally don't?
  16. Rocky

    Sacrifices - Finished

    I wrote this story a few years ago. It was posted on this site, but was wiped out in the story turnover a few months ago because I didn't make the proper arrangements. I was just going to stay gone and forgotten, but I decided to post it again now. Whether it's your first time reading it or your...
  17. Sitherus

    Im super scared

    I was just browsing the internet just now and looking through abdl picture sites i went to one of those Picture sites that lead you to other picture sites i kept clicking through until i accidentally found a cp site as soon as i tried to exit it it sent me to a random set of numbers and...
  18. factsoflife

    Wetting yourself out of complete panic/fear?

    Sorry, I wasn't quite sure where to post this one. I suppose I will run with it here haha. So, I've had my fair share of "potty problems." Mainly only at night and a few daytime when I purposely held it too long (yeah I'm into that too hah). To lay some background, I am an ab/dl, mainly dl and...
  19. Skymeme

    Is it normal?

    So I've been wearing for the past 4 days now, I finally go back to my normal underwear and i have had like 6 close calls to day where i almost had an accident. is this normal or no?
  20. R

    How do I make my girlfriend accidently wet her pants?

    Disclaimer: My girlfriend is willing and accepting of doing this. I'm not trying to secretly make her do this, she's well aware of what's happening. The problem is more that her bladder is huge, and she's able to hold it for over 16+ hours. Sure she is able to purposefully pee, after holding it...