1. MatalicPebble

    Your prefference in accesories

    I am going to try and sew AB/DL stuff again. I took a break from sewing clothing to read up on concept. I want to know how to determine what is fashionable and what makes you wonder if the kitchen sink is included. Now that I am back and considering sewing AB/DL stuff again I need ideas. I get...
  2. xtrabulk

    Help a DL with a Paci Question

    Hi there! I'm mostly DL, but have ordered a Nuk 5. My question is, I don't remember using one before. Do I need accessories? More importantly, how do I use it? Do I bite it? Will it come naturally? I have sleep apnea...will the Nuk help with that? Thanks all. Stay Swaddled! xtrabulk