accepting yourself

  1. ZetaSonic

    A Christmas Miracle: Acceptance from Dad and my history with diapers

    Today, I told my father that I was a *BDL, in spite of him being aware of my experimentations in college. He was completely okay with it. I went over how I used to think that being into diapers was an immoral thing because of what, well, let's just say he was an acquaintance, claimed about...
  2. KittyninjaW

    I think I did it, This time for real

    Hello It's me, I honestly feel scene i posted my latest forum, things are looking up! I honestly Feel awesome and i accepted my self more. BTW, In case your wondering what Was bothering me, It was my younger brother. To be fair It was honestly hard, to see him as a seprete entity not under...
  3. LushieCat

    Has Accepting Your *B or DL Side Had a Positive Effect on Your Life?

    I think all of us have a time period in our lives when we weren't *B or DL or simply repressed that side of yourself. If you've come to terms with it and/or acted upon it (ie. participating in RP, buying Diapers/Nappies, getting stuff to make you feel more little, regression) do you feel like...
  4. squashNstretch

    My start and the binge and purge

    This started out as an idea for an article, but in the end it's more of a forum post I think. It's all about how I started on my way to being an AB/DL, and the binge/ guilty purge cycles throughout my earlier years. How I started out I distinctly remember the very first day I started on my way...
  5. iPampers

    When did accept yourself?

    At what age did you guys accept yourself as being an AB, DL, etc. Like when did you stop with the whole "this is horrible I am never going to do this again I'm disgusted with myself" to finally saying "I'm an AB etc, so the hell what. It's who I am" I could say for myself I accepted myself this...