1. puffyfluffyfoxo

    Is anyone else having the same issues with ABU diapers?

    To start things out, i like ABU as a compony. super friendly people, and good customer support. But as much as i love their designs, recently ive been having major issues with their products. (Abu dinorawrz, simple ultra and peekabu) I may be nitpicking but ive noticed their products have become...
  2. David04

    Hook & Loop Questions ?

    I’m getting ready to buy a pack of diapers, and I’m in love with the BunnyHopps design but I’m not so sure about the tapes. How are the Hook & Loop tapes compared to regular ABU tapes? Are they more easily able to break or fo they not stick well, anything I should know about before buying some ?
  3. 4C1B2FA0-5B74-4CE7-993D-B61150555978.jpeg


    Thank you mommy for the surprise 🥰 I thought they were sold out but mommy bought them last week before they ran out ❤️❤️❤️
  4. TigerDL

    ABU sample gift code: per diaper or per pack?

    Back when ABU sold samples as individual diapers, their gift code that came with samples was for every 2 diapers you bought. Now that they've changed to selling sample packs with 2 diapers each, they still kept the phrasing of "Get a $5 Gift Code For Every 2 Sample Diapers of any brand In your...
  5. INCOdy

    AlphaGatorZ or Little Kings?

    Which is cuter?
  6. Demonbabywearspamps

    ABU sale but my size is out of stock?

    Since abu just started their sale I wanted to get a bag of PeekABUs but they're out of XL+ so I'm wondering if they'll restock them during the sale? Does anyone know or think that would happen?
  7. Demonbabywearspamps

    Does tykables ever have sales?

    With Black Friday coming up I'm wondering if places like Tykables or ABU have Black Friday sales or anything like that?
  8. Demonbabywearspamps

    Diapers on ebay?

    Has anyone bought from Rearz or ABU on ebay? And if you've bought XL PeekABUs on there are they the old XL PeekABUs or the new ones? Not XL+ I mean the old XL peeks before they changed the sizing.
  9. Demonbabywearspamps

    ABU scented?

    Could someone explain to me how scented diapers from ABU work? I want to get a pack of bunnyhopps and get them scented.
  10. ronnieM

    ABU's Scent Strips and How to Make Them

    When buying diapers from ABUniverse, there is an option to get them scented. Selecting this means that the staff there will include "scent strips" in each sample or pack of diapers you buy, which have a strong baby powder smell that seeps into the diapers in the pack from the time it's added to...
  11. Allthatandthechips

    Abu bunny hops/Dino roars vs simple/little paws/space

    Hi everyone, I’ve tried the peekabus and the bunny hops and Dino roars, but I’m curious about the thickness of the little paws and space/simple (since those are the same core) in comparison. Thoughts? Are bunny hops the same core too, or is it a different thickness/composition in terms of sap...
  12. ABDElsa

    What is That Amazingly Wonderful Smell You Get From Baby and ABU Diapers?!

    So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made...
  13. ABDElsa

    Am I an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

    So, I'm kind of torn between whether I'm an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover. I love diapers like a diaper lover, but I pefer brands like ABU/Bambino/Rearz etc. Over Depend/Abena/Attends/Per-Fit etc. like an Adult Baby since these Diapers have fun Baby prints on them. I like them more because they...
  14. Mariofan64

    😢 cloth back ABU Cushies ⚰️

    I guess they are never going to be reproduced 😞 I miss these soooo much. I still have 7 in my closet but I can’t bring myself to use them.. I’ve tried a majority of the abdl diapers out there and THESE were my favys... I held out hope for a long time for what would turn out to be “preschools”...
  15. Jin15

    ABUniverse LittlePawz Diapers: A New User's Unscientific Review

    Hello there everyone! I'm fairly new to this board and wasn't sure exactly how to get started posting here, but I did get a package of LittlePawz in the mail from ABUniverse yesterday and talking about them seemed like as good a place as any to begin. I don't have a great deal of padding...
  16. BurgundyRose

    Shipping Times and Costs

    I was considering ordering either some abu or rearz, but I'm worried about shipping. How long does it take to receive packages from either company? And how much does shipping generally cost? With abu shipping can be checked in the cart, but rearz seems to want everything before they'll tell you...
  17. C

    Considering Telling My Parents

    As stated in my previous posts, I live with my father. I have recently started buying diapers from ABUniverse and they have discreet plain cardboard box shipping. I have played out a scenario in my head where I order diapers from ABU and when they arrive ask my father to open the package and...
  18. S

    First time experience with ABU!!

    Omgosh, first off, delivery time was amaaaazing. Had my stash on my door step in under 2 days. Second, ohhhh lavender cherry popped ^_^ what a comfy afternoon. I got a full case for the first time ever and my smile was ear to ear this morning lol In my box I had a bunch of preschool...
  19. A

    ABU website issues

    Am I the only one who gets a 504 error when attempting to login or add something to the cart on abuniverse? And yes, I've done all the basics - cleared cookies, cache, etc., and tested on multiple browsers and platforms. If I am alone in this scenario, I will reach out to them.
  20. Z

    Visited an ABDL store in Albany, NY

    So I've read a lot about an ABDL store that is somewhat near my house, a little over an hour drive, and decided why not take a little trip on over since pretty much every medium ABDL diaper has been out of stock and the store had many available. Faced my fears since this was a first for me...