1. O

    Is there a reason ABDL companies don't make good booster pads?

    I've been trying out many different booster pads since the really good ones were discontinues many years ago (old Abri-let Maxi, AO Vorlage and Azipads - if you didn't try any of these, you don't know what good booster is). Unfortunately all of the current available ones are really...
  2. DLPJ

    ABU Diaper Suit Active

    ABU seems to have a new diaper suit. They call it active wondering if anyone has tried it.. It looks neat, but it's expensive here in Canada. I don't want to spend so much on a test. I am hopping someone else took the plunge. If you did and care to share i would appreciate the feed back. here...
  3. Argent

    Would you like ABU to do a run of classic SDKs or Cushies?

    Hi peeps, Who would like ABU to make another run of original SDKs or Cushies and if so what features are a must for you?
  4. Argent

    ABU SDKs/Cushies/Lavender front waistband yay or nay?

    Hi peeps, I know this comes up a bit in discussion and ABU can and should be able to do whatever they want with their products but just for fun (and probably my own OCD) what would you like ABU to do with their 2 tape diapee range? Be fabulous if you could also answer the poll if any of the...
  5. Argent

    Just got my new batch of Kiddos :)

    Hi peeps, So ordinarily picking up another order of diapers wouldn’t necessarily be worthy of it’s own thread (though Kiddos are kinda special IMO) but I just thought I would post a pic of the new pack vs the old: The new pack is on the right and somewhat taller (my older ones might have...
  6. C

    Thinking About Telling Girlfriend.

    Hey everyone, I just started dating someone, we are starting to get a little serious now. I think it is only a matter of time before I tell her, I do think that a relationship partner should be aware of what's going on. We do not live together...Yet, but if we move in together I don't think it...
  7. unitDL

    $4 diapers

    Before reading ADISC forums I thought the Abena L4 was a top of line premium diaper. I had never heard of ABU “simple” or the newer “ultra”. I realize if I purchased a case the price per diaper would be less. But just to try them out I bought a ten pack of each plus one of their onsies..... and...
  8. SimCo

    I Love Little Pawz!

    I just have to let everyone know, that ABU’s Little Pawz diapers are my all-time favorite diaper! Most importantly, I love them because they can absorb more liquid before they start leaking than any other diaper I’ve ever tried! The tapes are also rock-solid, and they have never ripped or...
  9. J

    ABU New Shipping = SLOW

    I placed an order with ABU on February 10th and the tracking states the order will not be delivered till February 23rd. That is crazy slow. My most recent previous order took 2 days to arrive. Who wants to wait two weeks for your order?
  10. A

    ABU website issues

    Am I the only one who gets a 504 error when attempting to login or add something to the cart on abuniverse? And yes, I've done all the basics - cleared cookies, cache, etc., and tested on multiple browsers and platforms. If I am alone in this scenario, I will reach out to them.
  11. BusterBunny

    My Opinion on ABU Preschool Cloth backed Diaper

    I know I'm a little late to the game on this one, considering the ABU Preschool Cloth Backed Diaper came out ages ago, but recently I've gotten a packet (I'm a little stuck in my ways when it comes to finding something I like, I tend to stick to the one type i.e. ABU Space) and I'm not...
  12. Argent

    ABU Power Ups

    Hi peeps, Being in OZ we do get the majority of ABU products very quickly but I just noticed on the US site they have their own boosters. Anyone tried them? https://us.abuniverse.com/product/abu-power-ups/ Admittedly they don't look to be the cheapest boosters I have seen and actually never...
  13. A

    abu space, the first ten

    soo, this is going to be a semi long duration review of the ab universe space diaper where i write a review and update it as i use the first ten diapers. i know that there are plenty of reviews out there for the space, but, i figured why not, the more information, the better. Cost: so lets...
  14. N

    ABU Nappies

    I tried ABU nappies for the first time today, who would have thought they could hold that much! i was waddling not walking. Planning on wearing one to bed tonight i think. What are other peoples experiences with ABU nappies?
  15. MixerOp

    I've never...

    I've never done any business with Abuniverse. I'm looking at purchasing some more diapers, soon. I like thickness, and a medium crinkle factor. And I've read great things about the ABU space. I'm interested in the ABU plain and simple. It's supposed to be just like the space in capacity and...
  16. F

    First ABU Diaper

    So i finally got round to trying the ABU diapers. Love the all over feel of them and how crinkly they were. wore it pretty much all day, about 5 wets and it was holding up fine, really impressed! I really didn't want to take it off! Personally for me I'm not an AB at all and i dislike the...
  17. kashi

    Tykables Overnights Versus ABU Lavenders

    Hello, When people start getting them and have the ability to I'd really appreciate a comparison of the ABU lavender to the Tykables overnights. I primarily wear the overnights and I adore them, but the Lavenders are super cute and I'd like to try them. They cost about the same so I'm...
  18. Christophuur

    abu sizing

    Lucky Enough, I can finally afford ABU's, BUT, I have no clue which size to go with. I know for a fact I fit perfectly in the Abena M4's, molicare super plus mediums, and tranquility atn mediums. But when viewing ABU's Sizing guide, they claim that the medium simple fit's waist 28"-36", while...
  19. H

    Snuggies or Molicare (or space)?

    So I've got some money left at the end of the month, which is nice. 20 snuggies waddlers, 14 molicare super plus or 10 abu space diapers... What would you get and why?
  20. D

    Big Order

    So I haven't posted in a while but I thought this would be a good occasion. I just made a pretty big order and part of it shipped just a few minutes ago. I ordered 50 Tykables Overnights and a combo case of 40 Space and 40 Little Pawz from ABU. :thumbsup: I am really excited to get these...