abu lavender

  1. Xzanza

    First Time Really Wearing

    So, this past Wednesday, I ordered a 40 pack of diapers from ABU and they arrived today, before I left to run errands. As I am writing this, it has been about 10 minutes since I put my first diaper on. I thought about it all day and I had those butterflies in my tummy. I just HAD to strip down...
  2. L

    ABU Lavender diapers hold Soooooo much pee pee!!!

    So I ordered a case of the Abu Lavender's, and I just got them in the mail yesterday! Yay! And I just have to let this be said to all the haters out there that have tried to hate on these diapers..... NO. Just NO. Put your paci's in and shhhhh hater's, because you are very very wrong! I...
  3. RainbowDash728

    Abu lavender.

    It says feminine design does that mean appearance or cut? Cause I want some but I'm a boy not a girl!? Sent from my 6045O using Tapatalk
  4. kashi

    Tykables Overnights Versus ABU Lavenders

    Hello, When people start getting them and have the ability to I'd really appreciate a comparison of the ABU lavender to the Tykables overnights. I primarily wear the overnights and I adore them, but the Lavenders are super cute and I'd like to try them. They cost about the same so I'm...