abu diaper

  1. denis97y

    Kiddo Little Sailor diapers - any experiences?

    Has someone already tried Kiddo - Little Sailor diapers? I just ordered them and would like to know what to expect from them? They look pretty cute, and the absorbency is also very ok for an adult diaper... but how do they fare compared to other diaper brands such as Rearz, Tykables, etc? And...
  2. Consul

    Diaper Sale?

    Hi everyone, I hope this post is in the right section... I've been doing some general de-cluttering, and I've found a few diapers that don't fit. I have 7 ABU small new Little Pawz diapers that don't fit me but I don't want to just throw them out because they're perfectly good. Is anyone...
  3. Treastar41

    Medium Absourbancy ABU

    What is the absorbency of small and medium Abu simple and little Pawz?
  4. S

    ABU or MyDiaper's in a quiet room.

    So I'm going to a city next week and want to wear an ABU or MyDiaper, although I will be in a room with two other people so it will be really quiet, do you think I could get away with it? I tried the MyDiaper pink diapers a few months ago and felt like they were somewhat crinkly, I could hear...