1. T

    If you could buy any diaper right now that you have never worn before, which diaper would you buy?

    I've wanted to try out some cloth diapers (preferably all-in-one's).| I think I would wear the ABU AIO, and I probably would have it by now if the company didn't have such a bad rep.
  2. S

    Diapers for everyday use.

    - For the sake of this thread, assume concealment is not an issue. I know this isn't a new topic but I'm looking for a diaper to use 24/7 that is also the most cash efficient. I know XP Medical did a analysis on diapers $ per Oz but only covered mostly brands they sold (as one would expect)...
  3. leicesterfan

    Most Absorbent

    Ok. So I just bought a pack of Depends Pants for Women and when I go home, I tried them out expecting them to hold at least 2-3 wettings and after one and a half, they started to leak. This made me wonder, what is the most absorbant diaper you can get in a UK store (not online). I live in a...