1. H

    Best diapers for heavy use?

    Hello, I'm new to both this forum and the world of adult diapers. I've worn a bit in the past, but only occasionally due to my proximity to housemates or relatives. I am about to start a career in long haul trucking because it was a childhood dream of mine, but as I thought more and more about...
  2. J

    Looking for decent diapers at a good price.

    In the Diaper business there are two main groups of diapers. The economy diapers that aren't any good and the premium diapers that are great but more expensive. For a while I've been trying to put together a list of ones in between, something that costs less than a dollar per diaper but is...
  3. abdl690

    Help with absorbancy rating conversions!

    I love XP Medical, because they list the absorbancy in fl. oz. This I can relate to, unlike the "drops" and "bears" rating used by Bambino and ABU, respectively. Is there anywhere that states the range in oz. or mL, or whatever for these two companies? Thanks!
  4. Darkfinn

    Does Powder Affect Absorbancy?

    Hey all... I've been noticing this over the past few days... maybe I'm not the only one. Have any of you found that using powder will affect the absorbing capability of the diaper? I've especially noted it with the Abri-forms. On the days that I use powder the first wetting seems to pool and...