1. chipbutty

    Why does the picture of Abena Abriforms look nothing like them?

    The attached example picture is used on most websites that sell Abena Abriforms. It makes them look bluish, with white in the inside. The tabs appear white. The wetness indicator looks like gray asterisks. In reality, as we all know, abriforms are white with white and blue tabs. The...
  2. Darkfinn

    Daytime Diaper Review

    Daytime Diaper Review. Greetings all... I recently got in a bag of Abena (Abri) Supers... so I figure now is a good a time as any to do a review and comparison of some diapers that are ideal for daytime use. What I have are three "thinner" diapers (from L to R)... Abri-Super, Attends...