1. diaperedboypete

    What happened to Abena Abri-Form?

    I'm actually adressing that thread to europeans, because I don't know if there is any difference in US version of that diapers. As I'm diapered 24/7 I am mostly wearing Seni diapers, as those are widely available and cheap where I live, but I also like to try something different time to time...
  2. Slomo

    Found old Abenas

    So I was cleaning out my wifes old 2011 suv and re-found and old compartment along side where her spare tire rests. In it there were 3 of my old Abena L4 diapers. We had bought her car new, and they have been sitting there ever since. These are the plastic diapers from about 8-9 years ago, from...
  3. tiny

    Abena M4/L4 plastic-backed no longer available in UK?

    I just went to stock up on plastic-backed Abena M4s, and couldn't find a single shop that still has them. Even Save Express! Have these gone out of production (again)? Does anyone know where I can get some delivered to the UK?
  4. unitDL

    $4 diapers

    Before reading ADISC forums I thought the Abena L4 was a top of line premium diaper. I had never heard of ABU “simple” or the newer “ultra”. I realize if I purchased a case the price per diaper would be less. But just to try them out I bought a ten pack of each plus one of their onsies..... and...
  5. xtrabulk

    Private Shipping Alert: Engoloids Medical LLC

    Hi All, I know there's a closed thread that mentions this, but I have pics. Although I don't care, the UPS guy did give me a pretty high raised eyebrow. I was sitting outside reading Quora when he came--I'm usually gone. Anyway, Engoloids Medical does, indeed, ship cases of Abenas with obvious...
  6. ThePenguinLover

    Details on Abena Abri-Foam M4s

    So I have a question. It says the M4 fits 28-44" waists, and I've read some reviews on here that say that a 36" fits well. I'm a 38", would it fit me?
  7. P

    m4 cancelled- new replacement?

    So now its official...abriform m4 plastic backed is being cancelled from 15th of september. For me this is horrible as I have never tried anything is good as m4. Do you have any tips for a better or equal diaper?
  8. D

    Hey Everyone!

    Hi, I'm Devin, I'm from Conway, Arkansas, and I'm a diaper lover. I live alone so I can wear whenever i want. Currently im wearing Depends Fitted Briefs as i don't have anything else, however my ideal diaper is abena x-plus or tranquility. I absolutely love working on cars, you guessed it, in...
  9. dlguy4life

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs VS. Abena Abri‑Form Classic Briefs

    I prefer my diapers to be as thick and crinkly as possible. So I have always bought the Abena M4's however, I have seen reviews online how thick and crinkly the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are. I obviously have never tried the NorthShore Supreme Briefs, are they that much better than the Abena...
  10. inconsurferdude

    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Diaper

    So I've been dealing with incontinence for quite some time (much more on that here: http://www.adisc.org/forum/showthread.php/105150-Switching-from-pads-to-pull-ups%E2%80%A6-to-diapers) first by wearing pads and later pull-ups. After some encouragement from the incontinence forum, I decided to...
  11. Zinderg

    Abena Pull-Ups

    Last week I bought a pack the Abena pull-ups and have used only a couple around the house since. So far they have worked surprisingly well, taking a lot wetting, and staying comfy and in-place without sagging or getting loose. Anybody have more experience with these diapers? I was never...
  12. G

    Baby Diapers for 20 year old?

    Asking here as a diaper lover (just wetting/flooding, no messing), what diapers (if any) would fit a 6'3" 32-34 waist size 20 year old? I know goodnites do, I'm wearing a wet pair right now, and have a pack of Abena M4's, but is there like any baby diapers that would fit? Like Pampers Size 7 or...
  13. F

    Diapers in Brussels

    Hello, I have just recently moved to Brussels. I am looking for a place to buy diapers ( that tape shut not pull ups ) wether it be Tena Slips or Molicare I do not care. I just want something that I can wear around the house in comfort and relax. I have tried to pharmacies in the Flagey area and...
  14. Christophuur

    Abena Delta form as of 2016

    Does anyone now how the abri form m3 deltas are as of late? Ive seen xp medical's review on the diapers but i'm not too certain as to how up to date it is. P.S. If someone can send a picture of them out of the package that'd be super appreciated! P.P.S. Do they have velcro tabs? Thanks for...
  15. aleakyboomboom

    Abena L4 in UK, Tell me its not so!

    Hola Folks So I've been a big fan of the plastic backed Abena L4 since the days when they were marketed as X-Plus, a truly great nappy. Anyway I was pondering ordering another few cartons of them from my usual supplier incontinenceshop.com when I see the phrase "Stocks are limited, so don't...
  16. Christophuur

    Help Needed on my next purchase!

    One of my few gifts this Easter is an amazon gift card with $30 on it, which honestly is one of the best presents I've received cause now I get to try out a new brand of diapers! Thing is, I'm not too knowledgeable on the pros and cons of most diapers. As of today, I know I really like the...
  17. C

    Abena Abri-Form M4 VS Rearz Safaris

    Looking for opinions on Abena Abri-Form M4, comparing them to the Rearz Safaris. I havent tried the Abena's, but I currently own some Safaris. To somebody that has tried both: how would you compare them to each other? Which one is better? Comfort? Security/Guards? Which one is better for wearing...
  18. Cthulhu

    Help me through my first ever diaper experience

    My dad is going away for a week so i'll have the house to myself, which basically never happens. I just found a site where i can order diapers discretely and with fast shipping, so i plan on ordering some for when i'm home alone:) This would be my first time wearing a diaper since i was about...
  19. aleakyboomboom

    Diaper travels

    Hello all I enjoy wearing diapers at every chance, and often wear 24/7 for months on end. One of my fantasizes is flying in diapers, I've flown South Africa > UK diapered, Canary Islands > UK Diapered and a few other short flights, I loved it. My most recent flight was New Zealand to UK via...
  20. W

    Pull-Up Questions

    I would love to wear in public, but I'm paranoid someone will notice. My first pull up was a Tena. I then bought Always Discreet, and then Abena Abriflex. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I thought they were all noticeable under my clothes. In a way, the Tenas and the Always seemed less notable...