abena x-plus

  1. T

    Plastic Backed Abena is back! (Europe)

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know, that it seems like that the plastic backed abena is back now. :biggrin: You can get it from dreamcare.fi. Especially finns are lucky due the cheap shipping. I don't know if they post to outside europe, but if you know something about it, comment...
  2. Hyperlitegreen

    M4 Abena Xplus under straight fit jeans or loose fit jeans????

    Hey guys! Is wearing loose fit jeans over Xplus Abena diapers a better choice than straight fit jeans in terms of comfort? It seems if the seat area of the loose fit jeans are larger, then people might see you have a bigger bulge or hiding something in your pants. Or, if I use the...
  3. J

    Abena X-Plus - Does It Get Any Better?

    So, I ordered two packs of Abena X-Plus diapers from North Shore Care about a month ago. I put the shipping address at my dad's house, and asked him to hold it until I visited him again. Last weekend, I went to his house and picked up the package while I was visiting and tested a few of then...
  4. bambinod

    how do Abena and Dry 24/7's compare?

    I've seen these two compared with a lot of other diapers, but never against each other, and I'm wondering is there any difference? Both are usually described as very high capacity, reasonably priced, mostly pulp with some SAP. Who has experience with both that can point out the differences? I...