abena abri-forms

  1. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Best diapey for me?

    This may be weird, but that crinkly sound hurts my ears, and tattles on me, which hurts my feelings. Is there anything out there that gets good and squishy when wet, holds a good bit, & has a cloth back. I'd be changed about 4 times in 24 hours. Would Abena abri-form Premium be good? With my...
  2. D

    Question about stashing Abena Original in packpack

    Hi everyone. I'm interested in getting a 22 pack of Abena Originals. I planned on storing them in an average sized backpack, and I think they would fit, but I've never purchased diapers before, so I don't know how big or how much space they take up. Does anyone have a clue? Do you think all...
  3. P

    Abena Price Increase

    Yesterday I went to my local medical supply store here in Canada and was shoicked to see that from last month the case price of Abena plastic backed diapers is up 30%. So anyone making purchases better beware ahead of time and maybe think about switching to something else.