abena abri-forms m4

  1. BayB8

    Abena M4 Question

    is Abena Abri-Form M4 Fitted Brief, Medium, 14 Count the same as Abena Abri-Form Briefs, X-Plus, Medium, Case/42 (3/14s). I bought a pack of the 14 count M4s and I LOVE the. I wanted to get a case but the only case on amazon says x-plus. is there a difference or are they the same? they use...
  2. S

    the age old diaper question

    Hello all, I have a question pertaining to sizing on Abena M4's and S4's. I know the S4s are cloth backed now but I still am wondering about the sizes. I have a 30"-31" waist, and I am wondering do I go with the S4's because they are on the high end of the spectrum, or do I go with M4's on the...
  3. D

    Anyone have a little guide on taping M4?

    I just got some M4's and I want to make sure I tape and wear them properly. Should they be pulled up all the way to my waist? Are the bottom two tapes to be pointed down, and the top two tapes to be pointed up towards waist? Is the tape itself suppose to touch the front padding to make it nice...