1. Poofybutt

    Regular People Responding Positively to AB

    So, I had an interesting experience today. I attended a meet-up being held by other students and local artists and we got to talking about projects we'd like to make. Well, one woman chimed in with, "does anybody know about Adult Babies?". Being as I am one, I didn't speak up, but I squirmed...
  2. SoggyToddler

    What do you guys like about swollen diapers?

    I'm just wondering, am I the only one who loves a good diaper swell up, and if not, why do you guys like it?
  3. Coatse

    Diapers in Thailand

    I am looking for diapers in Thailand that have a cute pattern like bears or princesses. Does anyone know where they are?
  4. W

    AB/DL group for Rhode Island

    Hey, Is anyone aware of a group for or interested in the creation of a group for those who live in or near Rhode Island? Please let me know! Thanks!
  5. RzHeck

    Hello potential friends

    Well, getting right to it I am hardworking straight male living in Boise Idaho. I love rock climbing/bouldering, cycling, reading, swimming, and generally enjoying my beautiful state. I've been interested in the AB/DL community for a long time and have been an active DL for 3 years now. My goals...
  6. L

    ABDL Match scam and new dating site for ABDL community opinions.

    Hello! Many of you know site "abdlmatch.com"? ive read and saw my self that that site "smells funny". Many people here knows that site might be huge scam, and dont like it at all (me included). So, because i got angry with that site, and there isnt many legit ABDL dating sites (mostly only...
  7. K

    Looking for movies about AB/DL

    A few months ago I told my Boyfriend / Dom that I was very much interested in the AB/DL lifestyle and I began exploring diapers, sippy cups, and pacifiers. Unfortunately I have had a hard time trying to explain the different aspects of it. He isn't big on reading, I was hoping someone knew of a...
  8. B

    Rearz - Another AB/DL Incontinence Company to Avoid

    Well, yet another Incontinence company in Canada is causing problems for me. This time it's also an AB/DL product supplier. Their name is Rearz. I'm interested in finding out whether somebody from there is part of this forum or group. I'm also interested in knowing whether other people have...
  9. xtrabulk

    Being told to put on a diaper

    Several times since coming out to my very understanding wife, she has told me, or suggested strongly, that I put on a diaper. The first time was when I was stressing out badly about a work issue. She said, "You're just stressed and sad, honey. Why don't you put on a diaper?" The thing is, at...
  10. TheTapedCrusader

    If they only knew... ;)

    I don't know about y'all but personally, I keep running into ironic situations because of people not knowing that I am AB/DL. Things like coworkers making a joke about leaving a set of baby keys up front in case I had any regressive thoughts. Or another coworker giving me a coupon for the new...
  11. allybearloves

    New person from new zealand

    Hi there, My name is Ally, I am 20 turning 21 in 3 weeks time. I have a 20 month old son (not an AB/DL baby). I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with a few things I have wondering around my mind lately about AB/DL. I suck my thumb at night to have a good night sleep, it's been like this...
  12. S

    Finally Decided to Join

    Hey guys. I finnaly decided to join after years of coming to this site. Just glad I have people to talk to about AB/DL stuff.
  13. D

    Hi I'm New Here :)

    Hi, so I am obviously new here, and I figured I would introduce myself a little bit. I'm a college sophomore majoring in Economics at West Virginia University, I am currently working in a warehouse right now for summer vacation just to raise some cash for this fall, I work some crazy hours but I...
  14. BabyNak

    Anyone feel really depressed?

    Today was a rough day and I don't know why. I felt irritable all day and when I finally got home I put on a diaper and a really big tee-shirt stuck my paci in my mouth, filled up a bottle and felt a bit better. But I can't shake the feeling of depression. I keep coming back to the fact that I...
  15. Greeniebell

    Free At Last!

    Hello ADISC! It's been a while since I've been on, but I finally turned eighteen and got my account back. Since I've been away, a lot has happened. For one, I got two Lolita dresses, which I use for my AB/DL time. I can't remember if it was before or after I left the site, but I got some...
  16. Fullmetallittle

    Lullabies for the modern adult...

    I am just wondering what kind of music do you guys listen to? For me I have been finding myself falling asleep to Pink Floyd. How about you guys?:detective3
  17. KittenBoy

    Full time AB/DL? I am! Would you? :)

    I have been embracing my AB side over the past year and loving it! I even moved in with two very close AB/DL friends a few months ago, and have been meeting so many wonderful AB/DLs, Babyfurs, Mommies, Daddies, and just plain cool supportive people from all walks of life! I have been getting...
  18. Clifford

    How long...

    Looking at the post dates on user's pictures it seems like many of you have been here for some time. Many, still hoping to find their diaper mate. Do you think it's the far distances between users? Maybe a language barrier? I feel hopeless at times and I'm sure I'm not alone. How many of us...
  19. S

    Hi I'm Scott.

    I am a 21 year old male that loves diapers!
  20. plasticsounds

    My AB/DL play and the advantages of having children

    I've been giving this a lot of thought lately and I wanted to know if anyone else with children take advantage of the situation? I have been a DL since at least the age of 4. My exploration of it really didn't start until I was a teenager. My enjoyment of it really didn't start until I was...