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    AB Achievement List

    I created an Achievement list for all the stuff I want to do as an ab/dl. I want to ask you guys: Do you have an achievement list for all of your ab/dl activities? If you do, whats your favorite achievement you have done or would like to complete? If you don't, what kind of achievements would...
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    Question for Mommy (or anyone who has or has had one):

    Recently, I reached out to a few people online through various ABDL dating sites to try and find a Mommy that I could talk to regularly. I ended up finding one, and she was so wonderful, my heart would race every time I spoke to her. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before!! But there...
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    ATTN: Mommies & Caregivers

    I thought I'd put together a lil' list of some important things to consider while you are establishing your budding ABDL relationship. Please feel free and to comment and add more "everyday tips." BEDTIME: I think bedtime is a good rule to enforce because it establishes a routine between you...