abdl diapers

  1. ABDElsa

    What is That Amazingly Wonderful Smell You Get From Baby and ABU Diapers?!

    So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made...
  2. A

    ABDL fetish and Childhood trauma

    I'm new here because I am somewhat ashamed of my fetish. I am 20 and I have been interested in wearing diapers since I was 5. I repressed it until I was 16 when I had a severe mental breakdown caused by stress brought on by my parents. It grew and manifested into me fully regressing at night and...
  3. A

    Supposed I wear a diaper for have autism spectrum disorder? I wear for night time and longest sleep.

    Hi, I’m obsessed about bedwetter. Last year, my bedroom was odors and urine on bed without washing my sheets. Past, I dream became pee it and I ordered some bags of diaper at last September. I wanted goal in future to be participated for ABDL community without alone. I’m happy for now.
  4. C

    My First ABU order

    I posted a thread a week or two ago about how I was down to only 1 diaper in my stash. I was looking on ABU for some diapers, I was trying to get some cushies but unfortunately they were out of stock. My next option was the Preschool plastic diapers but they were out of stock as well. Since the...
  5. toze

    European abdl diapers/ Ordering abdl diapers from within Europe

    Hey guys, the (personal) reason why I'm posting this will be in an adendum at the end, so that I don't waste anyone's time :) The purpose of this thread is to ask a simple question: What are your experiences in ordering ABDL diapers in Europe? What diapers are available to purchase inside the...