ab/dl community

  1. M

    New to the AB/DL community

    Hi, I'm not new to being a DL but I'm actually shy about meeting some new people in the AB/DL community. I mean I suppose its okay (as long as its safe to trust one another that is), I've never had friends who are AB/DL so this is my very first time, & I'm fixing to turn 20 soon. So is their...
  2. W

    AB/DL group for Rhode Island

    Hey, Is anyone aware of a group for or interested in the creation of a group for those who live in or near Rhode Island? Please let me know! Thanks!
  3. B

    Rearz - Another AB/DL Incontinence Company to Avoid

    Well, yet another Incontinence company in Canada is causing problems for me. This time it's also an AB/DL product supplier. Their name is Rearz. I'm interested in finding out whether somebody from there is part of this forum or group. I'm also interested in knowing whether other people have...
  4. Sitherus

    The common mans view on Diaper/ Adult baby fetishism.

    after searching the web for the stuff that i search for, every once in a while i come across topics about the infintilism and AB/DL or adult diaper fetishism. Most of these sites are stupid (people talking about banning adult diapers per house hold or the "I just found out..." bs) but every so...
  5. TeddyBearCowboy

    People Like Us . . . A message on being AB/DL

    ]Have you ever come across a song or video that just seems to hit home to thoughts that you might be having? All of us who are AB/DL have gone through at least some struggles with their identity and "being different" than others. There are numerous threads on ADISC about this and it seems it...
  6. R

    How are AB/DL diapers and products made?

    I understand these processes are most likely automated, but who stocks the machine or oversees the progress, are they all AB/DLs? If not do they understand what they are a part of?
  7. M

    Coming out!

    I just wanted to tell everyone that yesterday i told my girlfriend about my fetish and answered every question she had about AB/DLism, and it actually went really well. Besides the fact that I am so glad I need to share this, I just wanted to tell all of you that if I, a 17 year old in a...
  8. D

    Taking an Academic AB/DL Survey

    I recently took this survey from another website and thought I’d share this with others so that they could as well. Brian Zamboni is a therapist at the University of Minnesota. He specializes in sexuality. He has a survey that he is trying to obtain via the internet regarding the AB/DL...