abdl clothes

  1. JaysonTheRegressor

    Adult baby shirts that look like actual baby shirts

    I like lots of adult baby shirts but they're clearly for adult babies, what I'd really want is actual toddler shirts sized up for adult sizes Examples of the toddler shirt style I'd like to see: Safari would be a big bonus! As well as embroydery <3 Please let me know of any good reputable...
  2. B

    JoeyCuties Onesies?

    What's up guys. I was online last night and found a sight JUST FOR ABDL onesies and it LOOKS awesome. HOWEVER! I was curious, as to whether or not any of the vast population of ADISC members had any reviews or advice on the adorable looking outfits.:confused: Thanks for all your help guys...
  3. Shyanne

    Snaps4U stole my clothes!

    So it's been a year and a half since I mailed my only shortall to Snaps4u to have them modify it along with a kigurumi..Its really hard for me to find a shortall that fits good..but this one fit great. But then whatever happened with the guy and now he wont reply to my emails at all and...