abdl boyfriend

  1. Lukeyboi

    Mommy takes pics of her diaperboy

    My mommy and I have recently made a patreon account and are making tons of new content. Mommy loves taking pictures of me in my diaper and we both have so much fun making new videos together. I'll be posting our patreon name within a day or two. Thanks
  2. A

    Any Advice?

    My boyfriend is into abdl and while I support him wholeheartedly and love him just the same. He wants me to be a part of it too. Only problem is, is that I get what I'm calling these "anxiety attacks" whenever we start talking about me participating. I have put one on before but only for a few...
  3. SallyJayy

    Ideas For Christmas Presents🎁

    My boyfriend is a little and I was wondering what I could get his little side for christmas..I know he likes toys but have no idea what kind to get.I would like to hear some little opinions on what a mommy should get for her baby.
  4. SallyJayy

    My ABDL Boyfriend

    Hello Everyone,I am new to this I had signed up with an other ABDL site but nobody real seemed to comment on my post.Me(18) and my boyfriend(19) have been dating for four years now and I had not so long ago found out about his liking to diapers.I found out because he wasn't so good at computers...
  5. W

    Non ABDL girlfriend, DL boyfriend

    Hey guys, Non ABDL girl , with a DL boyfriend Just looking for some advice. Thanks guys