abdl adoptions

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    No one to be friends with?

    İs there anyone in Turkey l can talk to?
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    Bouncing Baby Boy!

    Hey, I finally remembered this site and decided to introduce myself. I'm a 19 year old trans little boy from Ohio in the US. I'm polyamourous and [Removed By Eulogy (We're not a personals site)]. Please note that I did say "Another". Meaning I already have one, but we need another to complete...
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    Adults can now be legally adopted!!!

    As far as i can tell, Full grown adults can now be legally adopted! This can now apply to the ABDL community! Check this out! MyAdoptionForms.com - Free Adoption Information with our free eBooklet There is a free booklet all about it at the URL I posted above. So, if you truly DO want someone...