1. Diaper butt

    Diaper butt

    Last night relaxing
  2. dbabyboy23

    Hi! I’m Alex!

    Hi everyone! My name is Alex and I’ve been a diaper butt for about almost a year now. I don’t wear them that often as I don’t have the privacy for them as much anymore but I do love a soggy diap. My first experience in wetting/messing myself aside from when I was a young child was somewhere...
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    Latinx diaper butt
  4. image.jpg


    Just enjoying the day being diapered
  5. image.jpg


    Just a baby boy and his diapers!
  6. S

    Hello! I am Tom, From the SouthEast USA!

    Hello community friends! My name is Tom, and I am an ABDL. I have been interested for as long as I can remember, but just recently I have been exploring my interests and found out that there is actually quite a large community of like-minded individuals online! I cant wait to explore this site...