1. B

    Anybody here still play 360?

    I still have a 360 and would love to start playing with some Abs Dls Tbs anything, Gamertag is: Poisonserpent82, add me
  2. Llayden

    World of Tanks 360 Edition

    Does anyone here enjoy playing World of Tanks? I have wanted to play it for quite some time but could not because I use a Mac Laptop these days. I found for free on 360 and have been playing for a little bit now. I will say that there is a learning curve, but it is enjoyable. I would love...
  3. SlowBro

    Getting a 360! :D

    Well, tomorrow I will be getting an xbox 360 and I just wanted to know what games I should get for it? :33
  4. Wegs

    Can't Connect to Xbox Live

    I've been having this problem for a while, and I need some help. I'm unable to connect to Xbox Live. I have a wireless PC with a fast internet connection, which is connected to my Xbox 360 through an ethernet cable. The connection is password protected, which I think is the problem, but I'm not...