1. captainpollution

    New Beavis and Butthead premiere on 10/27/2011!

    So, who else is psyched for the new Beavis and Butthead series coming this fall? I certainly am! I have already seen the pilot, which is called "Holy Cornholio".
  2. Kiwi_Sin

    MSN Messenger

    Anyone else having issues with this today??? I keep getting error "Error 8100030d: Cannot Sign-in to Windows Live Messenger" and apart from what they have told me to do on their site to no alas I still have not been able to log into it since mid day +12GMT I am hating to fact that their site...
  3. LeonSoryu117

    Anthrocon 2011: Who's going?

    In the recent years, the babyfur community has grown rapidly, from a small subsection of the furry fandom to a full blown phenomenon! Since there seem to be a LOT of babyfurs around, I was wondering if any of you are going to be going to Anthrocon this year? I'll be attending, along with a few...