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Thread: Fictional characters that seem like ABs/Littles

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    Default Fictional characters that seem like ABs/Littles

    This has been something that's been on my mind recently due to the number of shows, books and other mediums I've been consuming.

    I'll preface this by saying that this isn't me saying that "these characters are secretly ABs/Littles in the canon of their series" Rather, it's the traits that they exhibit in numerous instances that seem like they could seemingly be fit into an AB/Little lifestyle.

    For me, one that comes to mind is the character Peridot from Steven Universe. Mind you, a lot of my thoughts on her seeming like an AB/Little is derived from how she's presented in the show itself, ranging from her attire, her mannerisms and the circumstances she finds herself in. Most notable instances of this include her being strapped into a child's leash, a comment made by her to which she referred to herself as a "certified kindergartner" and an unused series of storyboards for the show where she was shown to be eating out of a highchair.

    But my thoughts on her fitting into an AB/Little role is also based on her personality, where she can be bratty and arrogant, but also has levels of child-like curiosity and some choice moments of wanting to seek approval from those around her.

    What do you guys think? Are there any characters from series you regularly partake in that may seem like they could easily be an AB/Little?

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    Sweetie Belle from MLP could EASILY be a little, though she's not really shown any signs she's really easy to put that way imo.

    Realistically though, and this one is from a while ago, from Rugrats all grown up, iirc there was an episode where they all had secrets and Kimmi watched some little kids show or something and it was vaguely touched on that she was a little.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    I think most of these have nothing to do with ABDLs. Rather I think the writers are just pulling things out of the air that make a cartoon or show fun and enjoyable to watch.
    Like I said in the opening post, that's not what I was getting at. I know that these choices for characters and how they present themselves aren't meant to be indicators of them actually BEING ABs/Littles, rather their personalities are similar to what one would see in an AB/Little lifestyle.

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    *Points to my avatar*

    Maybe it's just because I think it would be cute, but I can picture Shippo from Inuyasha as a kid baby pretty easily. After all, he's an orphan and has to deal with a lot of scary demons. Seems like regressing would be a good way to unwind.

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    Cassandra Cillian from "The Librarians" is a good candedate. She has a very innocent outlook on life and always wears adorably twee outfits.

    Come to think of it, her co-star (Ezekiel Jones) also has a very child-like personality, despite being Cassandra's opposite in pretty much every other way.

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    Wasn't there some character in an anime who is as close to literally being an AB as you could get on a TV show? Shugo Chara was the name of it. Out of curiosity, I watched some of it after hearing about that a long time ago, but I can't remember the character's name. She uses a freakin' rattle as a weapon. I remember laughing at that.

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    Ice King from Adventure Time could possibly be, there's an episode where his furniture comes to life and tells people he cries into diapers that he keeps in his drawer.

    I know Patrick admits he wears a diaper in an episode of SpongeBob but he might not have learned how to use the potty lol

    There are probably other references out there as well but I can't remember

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    I was watching Teen Titans Go today and there's a Valentine's Day episode where the couple pretends to be married and have a baby. The "baby" is actually one of the friends/enemy. The entire episode he's in diapers, a stroller, and being treated like a baby. Despite initial protests he actually seems to enjoy being a baby and being in diapers lol. I was just thinking that, even if it wasn't meant that way, the show kind of had a teen baby.

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