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Thread: If someone entered your bedroom right this second...

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    Smile If someone entered your bedroom right this second...

    If someone entered your bedroom (or another relevant room) right this second, what would they find? Would you be discovered for what you are (little/AB/etc) as you dive for whatever posession you've left out so you can kick it under the closest piece of furniture, or would you fold your hands neatly in your lap and greet your guest as cool as a cucumber?

    If you've left something out - is it the catastrophic kind (diapers, pacifiers, etc), or just the mildly embarrassing kind (stuffed animals, childish t-shirt, etc)? Do you get paranoid about hiding your little things away?

    TL;DR: There are two types of people in this world. People who put stuff into closets/drawers/bags, and people who MEAN to do that, but forget. Which one are you?

    ...this thread is inspired by me, trying to send a good night snap to my sister, and nearly sending a selfie with the eight (EIGHT! How did that happen?) stuffed animals that live on my bed.

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    Well... the guest would find somewhat suspicious things like stuffed animals and toys right away, although it doesn't seem that unusual for adults to have plushies, especially women. They'd probably also notice the pacifier and clip on my bed. Right under the edge of my bed is a baby bottle.

    I have seven stuffed animals living on my bed alone at the moment: a white horse, Simba, Dumbo, Blue and Magenta from Blue's Clues, Marshall from PAW Patrol, and Shippo from Inuyasha.

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    If someone walked in right now they would see my disney colouring books, my pacifiers, my bottles and my sippy cup..

    I leave my stuffies out 24/7, no one has said anything, in fact the most common reaction to them is to pick one up and cuddle it, especially men do this..

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    bed, tv, xbox one ...oh wait, were we supposed to name abdl related things?

    I don't leave anything out...

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    They would see me hugging my somewhat big (21 inches tall) teddy bear and the toy car in the floor, they might notice my blocks container that is a bit concealed but not my diaper because I'm wearing pants. The rest is hidden but not very well for the most part.

    I live by myself in a small but comfortable and recently renovated T0 apartment, so i end up leaving some things laying around almost always, unless i'm expecting someone.

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    As long as I keep the blanket over me they won't see my diaper. Other than that all of my little things are hidden away.

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    I live alone but still used to make 100% that nothing was ever left out when I walked out the door. These days, I'm a little more lax and I'm willing to leave things out that aren't in plain sight or that I'd be willing to explain if it came up. It doesn't happen often but I have wound up unexpectedly needing to bring a friend by, so I still try to keep it pretty normal looking.

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    I would be in trouble. They would see the diaper on my bottom and the pacifier in my mouth. However nobody thinks anything of the stuffed animals. I am a girl and have always had them.

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    My family knows I still have childish tshirts, my plushies, my baby blanket etc. it would take some snooping to find my items.

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    Most obvious thing that people find in my bedroom are my plushies, but I tend to keep everything else out of sight sl they don't think much of it. Mind you, I'm thinking about wearing my pacifier to bed with me, so if they happen to walk in when I'm sleeping, THEN some dots may be connected ^^

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