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Thread: How Can i Incorparate Little Stuff into everyday life without veing suspicious

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    Default How Can i Incorparate Little Stuff into everyday life without veing suspicious

    Can u come up with suggestions and After i will Give Tipps about being discete that i lernt

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    I wear 24/7 without anyone knowing yet for 5 days i feel like Myself this way. Ist why i came up with the idea.

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    My life style choice.
    Choiceing to live as a Little 24/7 is very very hard as we all have to do adulting from time to time. It is in edible.

    But hear we go.

    Finance. I have all my bill set up in a way that they get payed. And I get my pocket money with is for food and my nappies.

    Daily routine as a Little routine is important to me. And having set times really help it is something like.

    Wack up. Play on I pad and see who has the Win.

    Get up wash,shave, and change into morning nappy, get dressed.
    Find breakfast and morning bottle.

    Go off to school. (Work.)
    Hopefully nappy lass must of the day but if wet change at dinner time.

    Come home from work and have hugs from big brother. Paddy. And tell each other about day. And have a bottle of milk shak.

    Be put down for a nap. About 2 hours. If not to tired play on ipad. To see if i still have the Win.

    In the evening may go out to play. Or to freands.or play time.

    Then wash change in to night time nappy and bed time story. With Rex and

    Well that a day in the life of Sisi the wonder kid.

    I have choice to have restrictions on my life. I don't watch horrible programmes of films. They are either documentary programs for children programmes. And film are PG12 or under.

    I don't answer the door to strangers or the telephone/ mobile.

    The other thing I make sure I do is say please and thank you. To people with a smile. It's really throws them off. And it's surprising what you can get people to do for you. What I call little Power. hee,hee.

    This is not for everyone as we all have different lives. And some people have little time. This is when people are an AB Little for a section of the day. And that fine.

    You have to find what is right for you.

    Hope this is help full.


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    For a while I used a baby toy as a keychain holder, but when I got started back at work I stopped using it for that. It was this one: I used the green part to hook onto my belt loop while the orange teether part was connected to one of those metal rings for my keys. Nobody acted weird about it, but I would probably get a lot of kids make comments about it if I used it while working at the elementary school I work at. This is probably one of the more suspicious things you could do, but I was able to get away with it.

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    Not really suspicious. People pick up junk all the time and use it for weird stuff. You find boxes with tat like that all over the charity shops in my area.

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    I collect teddy bears. They're all over the place. People know I do and as a result I get all sorts of bear-oriented gifts. I had a Mickey Mouse key ring my kids got me at Disney one time they left. Baby wipes are easily explained as away from the house clean ups (in the car, etc...). Back when Chubs had the lego-style containers for these I collected those. I still have one in the bathroom that has all the parts for a hair clipper in it.

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