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Thread: Just a quick note about me in the chat...

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    Default Just a quick note about me in the chat...

    I'm back at university.

    That means I'll be sitting in front of my computer a lot because it's on my study desk, but I won't be monitoring it as vigilantly as I could.

    If you're a chat-goer, this is where I need your help.

    If you think something needs to be dealt with or brought to my attention, please grab my attention. My client notifies me when certain words are said, notably whatever nickname I have at the time. However, I've set it so the words "Luke" and "Lukie" are always highlighted. My client also notifies me when someone sends a Private Message to me in the chat.

    In helping you, I'll make an effort to change my status whenever I'm busy or away from the computer.

    Thanks for your help in this matter.

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    Aye aye, Captain Lukie.

    You've got me, for sure.

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    this often is true for all Chat mods. (at least it is for me) And even if I'm not there at the time saying my name will highlight it which I'll notice later on. But as I often work on my desk I'll most likely notice it immediately.

    Don't hesitate to do it either.

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