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Thread: i absolutely adore wearing diapers, more than nething else

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    Default i absolutely adore wearing diapers, more than nething else

    basically i am a DL from nz but didn't no that ABDL was a thing untill saw this site!!!!
    i have a craving for wearing adult diapers but haven't done so for a while due to mum finding my nappy stash
    she was really nice about it but she doesn't no i am a DL as she thinks i had them just for bedwetting.
    mite tell her in about a months time.
    PLEASE post ne tips u hav on telling her without sending her thru the roof!!!

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    Hello nappluver and welcome to the group.

    If you go through the Forums I am sure you could find multiple articles on coming out to loved ones. Diaper talk would probable be the best one to start in.

    So that we can get to know you better, would you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interests?

    Again welcome to the group.


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