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Thread: explanation?

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    Default explanation?

    If someone asked to describe how and what a diaper feels like, how would you answer/tell them? I myself could not figure out how I would tell someone. What about all of you?

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    I think i would just say its like wearing regular underwear only softer and thicker. Not much else to describe in terms of how it feels.

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    Like an absorbant and extra comfortable pillow that you wear.

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    If they wanted to know that much then I would just offer them one. I wouldn't expect them to use it of course nor would I put them in it unless they were my girlfriend and asked for help.

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    Like a bitch slap to the back of the head.
    I'd seriously say that. >_> I'm an ass like that.
    Then tell them to try it and see if they wanted to know.

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    I would say that it feels like very comfortable and very thick cotton underwear, that happens to absorb a lot and crinkle a little.

    Also, when someone creates a new thread, can they at least run the title through spell check to make sure what they are asking makes sense. Explanation, not explination.

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    But really, I've explained it to my GF as a really soft and comfortable pair of underwear. I've told her that it's mainly about the softness and the bulk that makes it different from briefs.

    I'm sure whoever you explain it to can guess that absorbent is an adjective that goes without saying.

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    I doubt I'd tell them what it would feel like, even if they knew I was into diapers.
    But I'll give an answer anyway.

    I'd tell them it feels warm, fluffy, and a bit bulky (for my diapers. I'm sure better diapers would feel really bulky)

    I'd also tell them that they need to take a bit of practice to walk around in.

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