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    Long time on and off lurker here, never really had much to say.

    I've been into diapers since I can remember, probably 30+ years at this point. I don't have any interest in the AB side of things and am purely a DL, but I respect everyone's choices and ways of enjoyment. I've been married for nine years to my wife who's known about my hobby but doesn't have any interest in it herself. We recently had a long talk when she came to realize that the reason I was doing my thing behind her back to keep her isolated due to her dislike of it all. She said that she felt terrible that I felt the need to sneak and has accepted and respects that this is part of me that's always been there and will continue to be. So now there's no need to hide it anymore, wearing in front of her is no problem, and the whole conversation was positive for both of us and brought us closer together. Greatest wife ever.

    As for diapers, Northshore and ABU Simple are my go to brands these days. I've used many others over the years, most recently was Abena but I grew tired of their clumping and tapes and switched to my current brands. I don't have any medical need to, but tend to wear all day on weekends and all day outside of my working hours during the week now that everything is out in the open at home.

    So Hello, It's been great to read all the stories and experiences of everyone here!

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I'm glad that was such a positive step for your wife. Good luck in the future.

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