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Thread: getting used to paci??

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    Default getting used to paci??

    Hi everyone,

    Pacifiers are probably the object that made me know my little side more and during the years I've been using them a lot (always when napping, for sure) but I never used them as an habit.

    I really want to try starting to sleep with my paci (Nuk 5) at night, every night, to try to get used to it up to the point I cannot sleep without one. Has any of you been in this similar situation? Any ideas? Tips?

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    Hee, hee

    Well that sucks. Hee, hee.


    I found them so comforting then I realise how much I'm sucking. Wondered if they're addictive. Like a laced with something nice. But it is just a habit. I like to suck while my tablet is reading me my bed time story. I usuly fall asleep.

    If you try to hard I don't think you will do it but if your mind is not thinking on sucking then it will happen.

    As it says in Nanny McPhee " when you need me but don't want me then I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me then I must go." I think us Littles understand that.

    Some time I wack up and its still in my mouth with is really nice.

    Hope you have many happy hours of sucking.


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    I'm "paci user" most part of my life and I'm very addicted. I sleep with it every night, when I'm alone (350/365, I guess...)

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