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Thread: Could/Would you place this large an order?

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    Default Could/Would you place this large an order?

    What if you could buy a Cushies equivalent at $1 per diaper? The catch is that you had to buy 1,000 minimum. Would you place the order?

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    Based on where I'm living right now, no because I live in an apartment and simply don't have space to keep them. If I had a house and had lots of space to store them, I probably would.

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    I would find space.


    Please sell me these Cushies.


    I would even go halves with you if you were struggling for space

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSky View Post

    I would find space.


    BTW... that's almost 13 cases, and those are not small cases. Finding tha tkind of space would prove a little challenging though. But I'd do it.

    But puting that into perspective, an IC would wear probably four of those a day - one overnight, two during the day, one in the evening. 1,000 isn't even a year's worth of diapers! Gotta respect the struggle there!

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    I normally have three months supply in stock. My study is full of nappies.

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    Do you get a sample first? It would be a great investment if you know exactly what you are getting. Would they be in packs or lost in a monster box or wrapped in plastic on a pallet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlover View Post
    Who is giving this said offer?
    I think it's just hypothetical... Probably a good move for the premium diaper stores to think about, as some need them anyways. Getting something premium for that cheap would really save those in need of diapers a Lot of money, at least 500 per order.

    But those of us who are cheap, and sometimes might not even have 1000 to our name at any given time, it would be a great way to make friends in your area to split the mega-case (patent pending on that name ;P)
    250 diapers can fit pretty snugly in a corner of my closet. So if I had friends to split it 4 or 8 ways, I would do it otherwise, nope, not 1000, no way :p

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhHeyThere View Post
    250 diapers can fit pretty snugly in a corner of my closet
    You realize that would be over three ABU cases? You must have quite a big closet if that's a snug corner!

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