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Thread: I don't think im strate or gay.

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    Default I don't think im strate or gay.

    it's been years the last time I have a girlfriend. when I am in a relationship I'm never in to it sexually. when I'm hang out with my friends and we see a woman that you would say she good looking. my friends would say she looked hot and I'm moor like ya she ok. I just don't feel aroused. Than maybe I'm gay. I meet a nice guy we hang out but still no spark. I like to be romantic but I think that just because I like to do nice thing for people. It there something wrong with me or is just how I am?

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    To answer your question, I don't think there is anything wrong with you. Our society is so preoccupied with sex and we are hung up on putting labels on gender identity. We expect people to fit into stringent slots for simplistic identification. I think as our society becomes better educated, we realize it's not as simple as being gay or straight, or lesbian, bisexual, transgender, asexual, two-spirited or anything else. I also don't believe we should pressure ourselves into fitting into a particular category. Gender identity can be fluid and it can change throughout the course of our lifetime. It's like being on a continuum, and although the majority of the population identify s heterosexual, we can all move on that continuum depending on a number of factors.

    It's normal to feel confused about sexual identity, simply because of the pressure put on us by society. My advice is try not to worry about it so much because you don't get to choose your orientation, it is simply a part of who you are. As long as you are attracted to good, decent people, then it doesn't matter what the sexual preference is. And if you are not attracted to anyone sexually right now, then there's nothing wrong with that. You can still be a caring, giving person.

    For myself, I spent many of my younger years being in denial about being gay. I even tried to find psychiatrists who could 'cure' me. After many years of loneliness and feeling abnormal, I eventually realized that the only path to happiness was through self acceptance. I eventually started telling the people closest to me that I was gay. I expected them to be pretty shocked and wondered if they would even associate with me. It turned out they pretty well suspected and it really didn't matter to them. They were just waiting for me to open up when I was ready. So just be who you are, and don't worry about the labels. It won't matter to the people who really care about you.

    Your profile says you're from Texas. The Pride Centre of San Antonio has a pretty exhaustive list of resources and counselling for the lgbt community, including resources for asexuals, a hotline for gay or lesbian people feeling suicidal, and social groups.
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    I think your bisexual.
    I had similar thoughts before, me and an close male Friend of mine were experimenting and we both came yo different conclusions. He said that he wasn't really into it, and that he's not gay. I however quite enjoyed it. I knew I couldn't be gay ' cause there are a few girls who turn me on. So I came out as bisexual.

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    I"m bisexual and I'm not crazy hot for either sex. I get more turned on by cartoon characters. I'm not sure what that says. I have to agree with Starrunner. There are a lot of relationships that are based more on friendship, and clicking with another person rather than sex. I'm married and the father of three children, and I'm no Don Juan. I love my wife and I'm in love with my wife, but our attraction for each other is far deeper than sex.

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    You guys have giving me some good ponts to ponder over

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