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Thread: How do I tell my husband I'm a little?

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    Default How do I tell my husband I'm a little?

    So, I already told my husband I'm a DL, but for some reason telling him I'm a little seems more difficult. How would I even bring it up? How do I explain what a little is? I really want to tell him because I want to see if he'd be willing to take a caregive role when I'm in little space. I also don't know how to explain what a caregiver is.

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    Slowly and in an environment where he's comfortable.

    What? That's not enough to help, you say? Okay, my advice is to think about what those terms mean to you. He's not going to know what a "little" is or what's expected of a caregiver, at least not unless he's been doing a bunch of googling on the side. You can use the terms, but it's much better to think about an explanation that removes them. What is being a little to you? Is it about the activities? About being treated a certain age? About being free to act out a certain aspect of yourself? Do you have certain things you really want him to do? Ways you want him to act or words you want him to say?

    As an example, which of these makes more sense to you?

    OPTION 1: "sometimes, I just want to feel a lot younger than I am. Not just wear diapers, but to really act like I'm 3 years old and not potty trained. And I'd like it a lot if you could be part of that as an adult, so that sometimes I can act like I'm little and you can take care of me."

    OPTION 2: "sometimes, I really want to do little kid things. You already know I wear diapers, but more than that I want to drink out of a bottle, wear baby clothes, play with toys, color, that kind of thing. I'd really like it if you could participate too. You could read to me, or dress me, or feed me even if that's something you would enjoy doing."

    OPTION 3: "There's a part of me that like to be a really young child, and I want to let it out sometimes. When I'm in that space, I like to act like I'm 3 years old, and I feel very vulnerable and even start to see the world a bit differently. It's a lot of fun when done safely, and I want you to be a part of that by acting as the role of a father when I'm in that space."

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    These video my help you and your husband

    There's also a book

    And these videos may help as well.

    Understanding Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers.

    What an Adult Baby wants part 1

    What an Adult Baby wants part 2

    Hope this helps


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    My husband knew that I loved toys and cartoons but one day I just sat him down and told him that I just don't identify as an adult. That if I could go back in time and be three or four years old again I would and that when I'm at home unless we are having adult time I want to be the real me and be the little kid that I am inside. He is wonderful, he said that it's no real change, we always watched cartoons on weekend mornings and althu=ough not in front of him, he knew that I played with some of the toys that we collect, and that anything that makes me happy he is onboard. He told me to go to amazon that moment and buy myself the trainer cup that I wanted and that he would start buying presents for the holidays that are exclusively child friendly.

    I don't know if this helps but sometimes hearing how other people do things gives me ideas on how to handle situations myself.

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    Tell him it's socially more acceptable being a Little those days and get away with it. I have seen many adults that loving Hello Kitty (including myself), Disney, Pixar stuff and so on. Everyone knew about my love with Hello Kitty and they thought it's cute, even my IRL mother knew that. There are even adult colouring books fad going on right now too. So there are lots of opportunities to do those to feel like a Little and get away with it. For caregiver, just ask him to call you sweet girly nicknames, and more cuddles. Surprise you with gifts such as those items I listed earlier could work. Don't have to tell him what it is exactly if you aren't comfortable being direct about it. When you do those above, maybe he'll slip into "caregiver" role without consciously knowing about it.

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