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Thread: What things can I do that ABs do?

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    Default What things can I do that ABs do?

    I want to try it. I'm at least DL, but lately I've been wanting to try being AB to help de-stress. What activities and stuff can I start trying to live like an AB for a bit?

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    go to bed with a plush toy, color with crayons.

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    It seems weird to give instructions on it when the things I do are an expression of an inner desire. If you can't read the posts where people talk about the babyish things they do without it piquing some interest, I'd hazard a guess this isn't for you. The best suggestion I have is to be open to what you want. I don't regress the way a lot of ABs describe but being open to what you want, particularly in a sensual way seems close. Scent is a powerful memory trigger. Maybe try some traditional baby scents (powder and lotion in particular) for a change and let your mind drift where it will.

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    I have to agree with Trevor. There are so many things being discussed on this site that some things might pique your interest. That said, I sometimes reach for my baby bottle when I want to go deep into regression. I also have a very babyish onsie. It's light blue with white stripes and has an iron on of Donald Duck.

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