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Thread: Shy Intro

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    Talking Shy Intro

    1) Who am I?

    Well I'm shy for one. Morbidly shy, if that's possible. I have ASD but am a professional nerd . I get to work from home which is awesome and actually have the best job I could ever imagine, programming all day.

    2) Why am I here?

    I wear diapers of course. Mostly at night or on weekends when I just feel like it. I've been a bedwetter my whole life and just found this site this weekend. It's easy to feel like I fit in here since diapers are an open conversation here. I'm not really into the AB scene as much - or at all - but I do have some degree of regression. My counselor sees it more of a developmental thing than any kind of fantasy or anything. I pretty much agree.

    3) Interests.

    Well I like photography, although I'm a newbie and still learning. I also like investing and spend a bit of time every day studying investments. I like monkeying around with things to either fix them or break them. Mostly they end up broken haha. Not so good at the fixing part. Mostly my work is also my hobby - programming, so it's nice to get paid for something I like doing.

    4) Why am I looking for?

    I suppose online friends that can talk about incontincence struggles and diapers while not being obsessed by them. I find the incessant diaper chats annoying, as if there is nothing more to life than wearing a dang diaper. Some new friends with sensible personalities would be nice! The site also seems like a good source of info and tips.

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    Hello kappy and welcome to the group.

    A very nice introduction.

    I too like to look at and play a little in the stock market.

    I also agree with some of the things you have said.

    Again welcome to the group and I will be looking forward to seeing you in the forums.


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    Welcome to ADISC!

    When I was a kid, I loved taking things apart to either fix them or see how they worked. I did this with both electronic and non-electronic items. Quite often (too often in the view of my parents) some of the items were never useful after that! Although I don't do it as much now, I still have the curiosity. Fortunately, I can get them working more often.

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    My latest is a motorcycle. I don't know anything about them or even motors really. I just think it'll be fun to learn how to rebuild it and then ride it, if I ever get it running.

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    I myself have Asperger's Syndrome and I also have Cerebral Palsy.

    Yes, I am a NERD.

    I am retired early.

    Caitian X

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    Cool My therapist told me recently there's a large group of spectrum people that wear diapers as adults, and I was surprised she knew that. It's a pain to be stuck in them sometimes but nice to find people that share the same need

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    I have been "back in diapers" 24/7 since 1987.
    I am an Adult Autistic Diaper Boy for 29 years now.

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    Pretty cool. I think it would be hard to be free of diapers and then have to go back unless you just want to. I never really could stop wearing them so it's just always been my norm for bed time. I don't mind, though.

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