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Thread: My diaper mod for Skyrim

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    Smile My diaper mod for Skyrim

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to announce the release of a mod which adds adult diapers to skyrim, made by a diaper lover. I had been searching for a diaper mod for Skyrim (and a number of other games), and it just wasn't happening. I started from knowing nothing a few months ago to releasing this pack of 13 diaper styles last week. I made this for my enjoyment but also as a service to people who frequent boards like this. In that spirit, I created a model for men and women, with styles ranging from AB play diaper to hospital fare.

    The first link below is definitely NSFW!! I'm hosting with that community because I figured that people would be open-minded about ABDL content, and also because they have a 'no underage people or mods' policy. So far, so good. If you google the name of the mod in quotes, you can find another link, hosted by baidu.

    These links (probably also not safe for work lol) show the diapers without going to the site above.



    I hope someone here gets some enjoyment out of these! In the broader public, I hope more people become aware of ABDL interests.

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    Oh wow, I was wondering where this post went! lol. I thought it might have been too far beyond PG-13 - please remove the link if it offends, and do a Google search for "Diaper Lovers' Skyrim" just in case.

    In any event, I have updated the mod to use the CBBE body, in case anyone is interested!

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    Amazing! Thank you so much. I really didn't think anyone would ever do this. Do you play fallout 4 by any chance?

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    If you're really paranoid about running afoul of the moderators, ask to have this moved to the mature topics section. Given the fact that the thread hasn't been locked/deleted yet (6 days as of this post) indicates that the mods don't find this to be an egregious violation of the rules (your post is actually in good taste and presented appropriately).

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    WOW I Never knew that there were diaper mods for skyrim is this for xbox360 or pc

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    Glad a couple of people are excited! Deneb22: I haven't played Fallout 4 yet, but I plan to do so later. Modding (and modded) skyrim is quite fun, and I suspect Fallout 4 will be no different once the GECK is released. I've seen that someone released a similar body for FO4, so I will probably make this for that too.

    Dragon123: PC, I'm afraid. Only Bethesda can make content for the console versions, I think. Though I think they like diapers too. Have you seen their default underwear in these games?

    Entity, you speak wisdom. I'll just play it by ear.

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    Lucia: That's a bummer but that's ok I'll just get the pc version and a new computer first.

    To answer your question yes I have on google images

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    1 day with over 400 downloads and over 10,000 views on the mod download page.

    This is awesome, phenomenal work, I will be downloading it asap once I have days off. I have often thought about requesting it but it would take someone specific to actually build it. The different types of diapers is an awesome thing to see.

    It would be outstanding to have some diaper specific animations added to Sexlab eventually. Forced diapering, struggling while bound in a diaper, forced enema followed by diapering and bondage, ect...

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    Thanks stiletos! If you look into the thread, one person is considering giving a mod called "private needs" diaper support. I agree that those animations would be awesome.

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