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Thread: Finally go to do it...

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    Default Finally go to do it...

    So...I've decided I'm going to go buy diapers and a pacifier. I don't have too much money so I'm just getting something from Walmart for now. I'm nervous but still so excited. Wish me luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlnotab View Post
    You will love it and never look back!
    You were totally right!

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    So, little update:

    I told my husband I bought diapers. He found them and brought them to the room and told me to put one one. I was so nervous! It took me a while get the nerve and when I did I was still so nervous I was fumbling with the straps and couldn't get it on. So he actually put it on me! I was so happy and it made me feel so accepted and relaxed afterwards. Now I'm sitting in a diaper, with a stuffier and binky and watching a movie with him I am so lucky to have him.

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    Hey big congrats and your husband accepting too that's awesome! Keep up the good work and loving life!

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    Sounds wonderful. Reminds me of the first time I just cuddled in a diaper watching TV with my hubby. I was so relaxed I ended up falling asleep!

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