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    So I have made a purchase from rearz the other day and got my diapers today. I ordered a pack of bambino bellisimos and a pack of SDKs also got another onesie. However I am a little confused but happy about it. When I opened the box I found a rearz safari right on top, I didn't order any and still have a couple of them. I opened my bambinos and pulled my SDKs out and found a rearz spoiled too, again didn't order any. This was my second order from them and last time I did order both spoiled and safari diapers. I am not complaining about this but do they always do this or am I just lucky today?

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    I just tried on my SDKs and believe I was given the wrong size. I ordered a medium which fit well on me and my 32" waist however I believe they gave me a large instead. These diapers seem huge on me and j have to adjust them a lot to get them to fit better on me. Maybe the extra diapers were to make up for there mistake.

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    They gave me some free plastic pants once when they swapped sdk for cushies. However they did ask me if they could swap before they did it. I've always found them to give great service, so just drop them a line if you think you got the wrong size

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    They do have good service. I have contacted them and they said it was the wrong size so they will add a pack of SDKs in my size when I make my next order. Maybe I will get a free sample or gift with my next one.

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    I ordered Rearz diapers few days ago for first time ever and should expect to receive it sometime next week. I ordered it off from Canadian health care website... that just a day before I found out about Rearz website itself lol. Anyway, glad to hear all those good stuff about it and that make me excited for mine soon! =D

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    I think it's a great idea to include a free sample or two of a different product in a case, it costs them pennies to add a few ounces to a case shipping. I'm surprised more companies don't do that.

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