View Poll Results: Do you like to try new diapers or do you prefer to stay with the ones you have always used?

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  • I prefer to stick with what I know and like

    26 18.31%
  • I like to try new diapers, but ABDL brands only

    15 10.56%
  • I like to try new diapers, both ABDL and medical brands

    91 64.08%
  • Other (please explain in comments)

    10 7.04%
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Thread: Poll: Do you like to try different diapers, or stick with the same ones?

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    Default Poll: Do you like to try different diapers, or stick with the same ones?

    Just out of curiosity, do you like to try new brands/styles of diapers, or do you prefer to stay with the 'tried and true' ones you have always used?

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    I like to try other kinds how else are you going to find your favorite. I have tried some types of diapers and ordered some bambinos for the first time and should be here tomorrow.

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    I get a little thrill each time I try some new diaper. I stick to those that fit my general criteria, the biggest one being that they are plastic-backed. I've worn enough with clothlike covers to know that that dog just won't hunt for me. Tapes are also pretty necessary for my enjoyment rather than a pull-up style, although I do check around with those from time to time just for purposes of utility.

    I'm pretty happy with my current range of choices, although I'm still looking for something that is higher quality and capacity than Depends Protection with Tabs but still discreet and inexpensive. Northshore Care Lite Supremes come closest so far but I'm open. The original Snuggies Waddlers were excellent in this regard but have unfortunately been discontinued.

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    Since I'm still relatively new to the more premium brands, I am still in that "I wanna try everything I can!" phase. I just ordered some ABU samples as my first ABDL-specific diapers. However, since my budget doesn't allow me to sample every brand out there, I'm probably going to stick with the three brands that I am very satisfied with (Molicare, Abena and Northshore) for future purchases.

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    I've gone through periods of trying new nappies, but there are only so many products on the market, and the vast majority are not that impressive. After a while, I've tended only to express an interest in nappies that have gotten good reviews. For the last couple of years, I've stuck with the old Tena Slip Maxis as the best of the easily available nappies. I was dreading the imminent cessation of production, when I stumbled across the Tykables Waddler Overnight, and then, ABU's Space and Little Pawz. I doubt I'll be looking any further afield in the medium-term, except possibly to try the Tena Active Fit when they are released in the UK.

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    I am now sticking with Goodnites because there isn't too much to choose here, but yeah, I'd like to try new ones (without paying a very expensive P&P)...


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    I have a few favorites that get 99% of the wear, but I'm always looking for new things to try.

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    BOTH! I stick by my favorites but try any new one that looks good. Sometimes a new one will displace or replace a discontinued favorite. Sadly few new ones are any good at all like the new Tena Slip, the worst diaper I've ever tried.

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    I really want to try out the Abu space and the little paws diaper but I'm afraid my family and will get t the mail before I do
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