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Thread: UK Gary brand plastic pants supplier

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    Default UK Gary brand plastic pants supplier

    IncontinenceShop have started supplying a limited range of Gary pants.
    you can buy direct or through Amazon. packages come marked only with 'InShop'.

    if you'll also note, the Gary products which were previously on sale through AmazonUK, from the US and at ridiculous prices, are no longer shown. this may seem like a commitment to using InShop as the UK distributor, and possibly an inroad to Europe, but Gary Manufacturing have very strict licence conditions pertaining to turnover volumes and licence renewal. i looked into becoming a distributor a couple of years ago and the turnover demands weren't feasible for such a niche product in the UK.
    therefore, the limited range may only be available for a limited time (12 months).

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    Also on NappiesRUs too - We are only stocking the 'comfort' range at the moment in the pastel colours but are looking at expanding the range in the coming months.

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    Gary makes the Angelfluff "blue ice" they are awesome plastic pants i have not killed a single pair yet ,9 years of happy use.

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