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Thread: Diapering toinght :)

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    Default Diapering toinght :)

    Okay for the first time since last summer, i feel like sleeping in a diaper tonight:baby-cool:. It has been sooo long that i just feel that i have to do it:crazy3: you know. My mom will be going to work early:irule: and she knows for a fact that ill sleep in until at least 10 PST And i wont have to worry about my dad:rant2:, because he could care less to come in my room when he will be watching Nascar. (GO STEWART!!!)So ill basicaly be alone.:allalone: So yeah who else will be sleeping in a diaper tonight? Oh and I'm planning on using a goodnight.

    I'll also let yall know how it went in the morn.

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    I think I'll sleep in another 24/7 tonight. I did last night and it was pretty good.

    However I don't think this sort of stuff warrants mentioning that much. Unless it's sleep in diapers Friday.

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    Sounds like a wild Saturday night...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypnotized View Post
    Sounds like a wild Saturday night...


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    Um, alrighty then. Have fun I guess? Nice use of emotes.

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