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Thread: where can get AB clothes in USA

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    Default where can get AB clothes in USA

    I want to few AB outfits and stuff but can't find any good site in USA that made and sold in United states and not out country If you can help with links thanks.

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    most these site are from UK not USA so shipping would be high .

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    I have been find most AB clothes are made in UK not USA there very few shop do this type product for AB USA.Also alot USA stores have found they charge more than UK ones do
    so I may order out UK if can't find any good places in USA

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    If you're looking for something from the US - your best bet would be just trying to find a seller on eBay who's located in the US.

    Or be less picky.

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    E-bay = Win

    I get most of my sissy clothing from there but while shopping for that
    I saw TONS of adorable clothing for any kind of AB.

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    Yeah if buy off ebay I would have get custom order becuase my waist and chest smaller than most of AB clothes on ebaty

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    Do you mean Onesie's and sleepers, because I don't think you can get those in the public view. I used to use diaper station and connection, but they went out of a business, you can check. Site For Adult Babies, Diaper Fetish, Adult Diapers, Infantilism, Adult Baby Clothes, Plastic Pants, and check there venders they have a ton there

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