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Thread: The Member Milestone Thread

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    Default The Member Milestone Thread

    Well I thought this would be better than a whole bunch of different threads. Jonathan posted he reached 100 posts (Congrats, btw) and I'm sure a lot of others have reached post counts, and other things they are proud of, so why not make a thread that everyone can share? That way the board isn't full of a whole bunch of different posts, instead it's just one, where everyone can share their accomplishments!


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    I made inmate of the month at the county jail does this count?

    Kidding of course... This thread is a fabulous idea.

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    YAY! I made post number ...

    .. shit, what number was this post again?

    (129! W00T!)

    It is a good idea, though, Mandi! Lets people keep track of their posting accomplishments!

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    Well I've got to 200 posts! (231 now)

    And if this had still been TBDL I would now have more than 100 rep!

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    Dang Charlie! Thats tons! Well you are VIP, which is great! And congrats on over 200!

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    One hundred and fifty... One!

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    Well, it will probably be a long time getting back to my old post and rep count to have any forum milestones. However, I was "Employee of the Month" back in December, 2000.


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