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Thread: A survey on ABDL Stories

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    Default A survey on ABDL Stories

    Many of us turn to ABDL fiction as a source of amusement. But what do you really want to read?

    I have created a survey to investigate just what do people really want from ABDL stories. Please do take about 5 minutes to complete this survey, it would be of great assistance to us writers. I plan to collate the results and share it, though how I share it would really depend on the responses received.

    You may participate by clicking here.

    This same survey that appeared on another ABDL story forum as well as my blog, so for those who have taken it previously, kindly do not submit a second response. The reason for the delay in posting here is that I had to get the necessary approval from the benevolent Moo, whom I thank for letting me post the survey here. And then school caught up with me so I have been really busy.

    With much appreciation,
    - Selv

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    Would like to see the results of the Survey in whatever form to see how I compare with others !

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    It will be a simple compilation and write-up. I'm kinda lacking in numbers, but the early results are quite interesting. Do spread the word if you guys could

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